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Christmas Tree Wire Ornament woof woof1 (Free Shipping)

Christmas Tree Wire Ornament woof woof1 (Free Shipping)

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Your pet named Christmas Tree ornaments.. how cool is that! We bring you a beautiful and very difficult Indian craft … the Wire Craft, is a humble art form. 
These very fine wires are braided, coiled, twisted, wrapped, woven, crocheted and spiralled into wonderful shapes.

What’s unique about it is each one of them is made by bending a single strand of wire!

These are the dog names which are readily available in our store:

River, Blossom, Boogey, Teena, Maple, Jasper, Callie, Zippie, Howie, Zoey, Sasha, Simba, Teddy, Oreo, Ruby, Bella, Daisy, Belle, Max, Jack, Jay, Sam, Lily, Tux, Socks, Pete

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