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Gypsy - Wooden Necklace (FREE SHIPPING)


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Gypsy - Wooden Necklace (FREE SHIPPING)
Gypsy - Wooden Necklace (FREE SHIPPING)
Gypsy - Wooden Necklace (FREE SHIPPING)

Beautifully Hand crafted X-mas gift from the land of Channapatna. These necklaces are going to be a great festive fashion concept for you !

They are made of sustainable wood with lacquered finish & has a distinctive, nostalgic style. Each and every color is completely safe and are made from non-toxic vegetable colors.

You can clean them with a dry clean piece of cloth. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Refrain from using soap or water

Please note that colors may look different on the screen. Depending upon the stock availability, color may vary

pic credit Varnam

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