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Celebrating Indian Goddess-Kalighat Painting - Maa Saraswati (FREE SHIPPING)

Celebrating Indian Goddess-Kalighat Painting - Maa Saraswati (FREE SHIPPING)

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Kalighat painting is a 19th Century art form from the state of West Bengal, India that has evolved as a unique genre of Indian painting. From the depiction of various figures of Gods and other folk characters, these paintings use bold and deep colours

Kalighat Paintings are done on a handmade paper or fabric and the colors used in this art are mostly vegetable and homemade dyes. Kalighat paintings have a very distinct feature: The Eyes. They are big and very expressive as if they want to say a story..


About the Kalighat Painting artist -  Mamani Chitrakar ( Art & the Artist) 😇🙏🏼

Started her Patua (Kalighat artists are called Patua) training at a tender age of 7, Mamani ji has been painting and singing the songs related to the form since childhood. She has been trained at home by her family.

This painting got its name from the Kalighat Temple in Kolkata which flourished as a popular art form amongst localites.

Mamani ji says that every painting has a meaning or is related to a mythological story.

Dimensions: 13.5x10.5"

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