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Indegenous painting-Bhil Art (FREE SHIPPING)

Indegenous painting-Bhil Art (FREE SHIPPING)

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Bheel Painting is a centuries-old rare tribal art that is done on handmade paper or mill fabrics. The Gond tribe uses vibrant colors and unique textures in their art form which looks so relevant in this modern era. These paintings are created out of carefully drawn in dots and dashes. These are used to convey a sense of movement to still images

These days Bheel painting is also practiced in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Chattisgarh. To preserve this beautiful folk art, artists have come up with so many abstract designs which are worth a look!

 About the artist:

Smt Geeta Bariya. She is a renowned Gond/Bheel Artist and has contributed her efforts to the Gond paintings.

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