Tool for Sanjhi - A Fragile pair of scissors

Aditi Gupta

The beauty of Sanjhi rests on the skill of the craftman to cut the paper in such a way that it holds together yet allows the design to show beautifully. The cut patterns also create an interesting play of light. Using a special pair of scissors, the craftsmen work to create intricate patterns on paper.

The most unique aspect of Sanjhi folk art is that extremely intricate designs are cut into paper without the use of any pre-drawn lines to guide the artists. Thus, it takes years of diligent practice for the artists to learn Sanjhi paper cutting art and execute their craft perfectly. Take a look at the Sanjhi art scissors which does all this magic. It is sharp, yet tiny and delicate.

Ram Soni, an acclaimed Sanjhi artist says, “These special pairs of scissors have been passed down through generations. Nowhere in the world is fine paper cutting done with such pairs of scissors.”

“During my grandfather’s time, khakhas were made using chaupadi paper. Then we moved on to plastic, paper was also coated with wax to give it longevity. It was DCC that introduced us to handmade paper for making these patterns.”, he says.

Looking at Sanjhi art work, it is evident that Sanjhi art is too beautiful and too rare a skill to be lost forever. It is extremely fairly priced and we hope that it soon becomes a household name in India.


source: The Hindu and Rachnakar

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