Stop Making Sense - Just Doodle

Aditi Gupta

Have you ever scribbled or drawn something on the back of your notebook? Did you ever made any random cartoon face during your boredom? If yes, then my friend you’re doodling; and if no, then you should doodle!

Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be composed of random and abstract lines. I am sure you all must have hovered over Google Doodles; and aren’t they so attractive and meaningful..?

The dictionary meaning of doodle is ‘scribbling absentmindedly. It has been perceived like that too few decades back and even now. Doodling and scribbling are most often associated with young children because their lack of hand-eye coordination and lower mental development. It also isn’t very uncommon in adults; but only that doodling is mostly mocked by and amongst them.

Though doodling doen’t receive a ‘thumbs-up’ by many people, but a few groups have started looking at how doodling can help improve your cognitive performance on tasks such as memory retention, listening, creativity, and emotional expression. So next time you find yourself doodling away, don’t stop and think you should be doing something useful: 

  • POWER - Recall, Comprehension, Learning
  • PERFORMANCE - Visual Record, Immersive Thinking, Efficiency
  • PLEASURE - Relaxation and Focus, Drawing
  • PERSONALITY - Building Confidence, Observation, Out of the Box Thinking
  • POTENTIAL - Mindmap, Game (Indoor and Outdoor), Going from I can’t to I can!
Doodling can help generate and refine ideas that you have already had. It is an incredibly powerful tool for deep information processing and being highly creative. So never stop yourself or your children from ‘scribbling’ because they are DOODLING!

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