Sanjhi - Tree of Life

Sanjhi - Tree of Life

Sanjhi art is such a delicate and precise work that not many can do it with a precision. Mohan Kumar Vermaji is a fourth generation craftsman and he says, “

Basically a temple art, it deals with mythological stories with special focus on Krishna’s Leela.”

His family has been working on Sanjhi art since many generations and now Ashutosh Verma is helming the fifth generation Sanjhi craft. Ashutoshji is working with our Abhivyakti team and he’s an amazing young artist! He says that before starting any new cutting, he meditates and prays Lord Krishna. Ashutoshji has acquired Sanjhi art skills from his grand father who is one of the very few families devoted specifically in this artform.

This beautiful tree is called ‘The Tree of Life” and it depicts the Kadam trees in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna lived. Just look at the image, isn’t it beautiful!

This looks like a painting, but actually each and every small leaf and figure is hand cut by the special scissors!! It’s a life-size Sanjhi more than 6 feet tall and has taken 2 and a half months to complete it

Ashutoshji says, “The most interesting part of this is that it has been made by 3 artists; Vijay Kumar Verma, Mohan Kumar Verma and me. You can not make out the difference just by seeing it.”

We bow down to such a beautiful handmade piece!! India is a bundle of some of these most unique handicraft and it is our duty to respect it and spread awareness so that it does not become a dying art.

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