Rakhi the Festival of Care and Love.

Aditi Gupta

Rakshabandhan… a festival of care!
It’s time for celebrations as the Indian calendar is earmarked with loads of celebrations and occasions… and guess what, Rakshabandhan is round the corner! We all know that, the very essence of life is to live in unity, and relationships form the basis of leading a long and happy life. When it comes to community festivities, well, we always find auspicious occasions and the means to bond. That’s exactly why Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali and Rakshabandhan are being commemorated across the world just to find ways to celebrate with the close/ loved ones. Rakshabandhan is one such secular festival which vows sibings their protection for a lifetime...., isn't it sweet? 
Celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month called as Shravana, people come from all walks of life to tie the sacred thread around each other wrists and puts ‘tilak’ on sibling’s forehead while performing rituals as a promise to be there forever..., in sickness or health.., in good or bad.
Now a days, many other communities have picked up Rakshabandhan in very different ways. For example, they tie it amongst friends whom they call family (may not be blood relation) and sisters tying lumba to each other as well. Not only in India, but Rakhi is gaining a steady popularity in the USA especially when many Indians are living there.
We at Abhivyakti understand the importance of this festival and sending Rakhis/ Lumbas across the seven oceans.
Presenting to you a wide range of handmade Rakhis from which you can select the best ones for your dearest siblings; and send you love and warmth in your own creative way. Each Rakhi is made with lot of love and care by our talented Indian artisans
Each and every single piece is handpicked to ensure the best quality delivered to the loved ones from the USA to India.
We will provide you a package of these items so that you can still maintain the sanctity of this auspicious occasion living miles away from each other. We also have some latest designs of a traditional ‘Thaali’ which contains the necessary items (like: Roli, Rice Grains, Rakhi, Lumba, etc.) in a beautifully decorated gota-patti plate. Not only this, our wide variety of rakhis (for adults and kids) and lumbas will allow you to have more choices.

So guys, there always a traditional way of celebrating Rakshabandhan, and Abhivyakti will promise to fulfill your desires exactly the way you want it to be so that your loved ones receives your love in your own fashion!

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