Pattachitra Folk Art

Aditi Gupta

Pattachitra is a folk art from the land of Lord Jagannath, Odisha. As the name mentions, Patta-Chitra means ‘cloth-picture’. In the ancient days, this art form was done as a scroll painting where artisans used to describe a mythological narrative or religious theme. Generally Krishna Leela and Lord Jagannath themes are most popular in Pattachitra.

Pattachitra Tray

Our super talented Pattachitra artist, Roshini Puthukudy, is an amazing artist and she is trying to bring Pattachitra art in to limelight with different ways! She has combined Indo-western styles and draws this folk art in different canvases like tray, necklace, earrings, etc


The tray is made of solid mango wood and sealed with several layers of matte acrylic varnish-eco friendly

Her outlook to this artform is gaining popularity and we love every aspect of it. Roshini's style is unique and truly appreciable. The most beautiful part of this style of art is the making. The artist doesn’t use a pencil to draw initially; traditionally the border is drawn first and then they sketch directly with brush. All the colors used are from earth, vegetable and natural sources. After the painting is complete, a lacquer is applied all around thus making it water resistant

Handmade necklaceNecklace

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