Our Future - Handmade in India

The Crafts Council of India has launched a new social media campaign by the people for the craft community. 

"Keeping the difficult times that we are going through in mind, all stakeholders, big and small, craftspeople and consumers, designers and retailers, NGOs and activists have come together and endorsed 'Handmade in India' by sharing this poster on social media on April 24," said a note from Jayasri Samyukta Iyer, Joint Secretary, The Crafts Council of India.

The campaign promotes the following message: "It's time to come together!"

"STAND in solidarity with the skilful hands of millions of crafts people that form the second largest workforce in India after agriculture."

“SUPPORT and respect the craft traditions of India which is essential in contributing to a sustainable and green future."

"DEMAND a local and equitable economic growth model for our craft community which strengthens the local economy and safeguards our cultural identity."

The Future is #HandmadeInIndia

This poster highlights the need to support Indian craft and encourage handmade not only to generate rural employment but also for our sustainable - green - future.

We at Abhivyakti completely support this campaign! Please share this with as many friends as possible and be a part of the change!"


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