Decoding Dandiya Raas Couple

Decoding Dandiya Raas Couple

India is a hub of real and authentic craftsmanship!

This masterpiece Dandiya Ras Couple wrought iron wall mount piece is definitely the new age décor. These kind of functional and ecstatic metal hangings look chic and profusely stylish. It undeniably takes the décor of the entire room to another level.

Look at this beautiful wall art.. we’re in awe of it already!

Our artisans make them in their workshops. They put forth a design and color combinations and then the entire team sits together to work on it. The basic metal used here is iron and it takes almost a day to complete 1 wall decor piece. 

The size of this piece is around 18 inches in length and 8 inches width.

1 artist is responsible for welding piece together, another artist designs the piece and then later the whole wall mount decor item is colored/ painted by another artist. So you can see, 1 single piece provides employment to so many people!

Take a look at the back of this piece. If you see carefully, this whole artwork is soldered by so many pieces: 2 legs, torso, arms and neck.


Enlighten your home with this amazingly awesome piece which is both good and functional. All their crafting tools are sourced from nature and each abd every piece is recycled (broken pieces are re-used to make new ones). So there’s absolutely no burden on earth!

Support handicraft and voice for local handmade products - save earth.

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