Celebrating Indian Tradition and Creativity

Celebrating Indian Tradition and Creativity

Tradition, in any region of the world, defines its basic roots and heritage which is passed on from generations to generations. Art and Craft is one such medium. For centuries, the local artisans are silently practicing and perfecting their respective family legacy skillsets. India is enriched with so many folklores and traditions that many individuals find freedom of expression through their own unique canvas.

The history of Indian art is parallel to her friendship with nature. Indian handicraft industry is free from pollution causing agents in their paintings, art, designs, textures and fabrics. These are all 100% nature inspired and environmental friendly. The Indian land is so rich, that every household can earn their living by creating these wonderful artefacts of their local region; they just need some eyes to appreciate.

We have a responsibility to recognize these unlettered craftsmen who are vulnerable now especially at the time of this gruesome and long standing pandemic and share their contemporary business model to a larger audience worldwide. 

Numerous social enterprises like Abhivyaktii are dedicated to discover the millions of narratives and colours of India because to the Indian craftspeople, their work is not only their livelihood, but also their worship. With your support and love, Indian culture will strive to find the quality, craftsmanship, skills; and bring the best handicraft items to the community which is still naïve to these marvellous handmade creation.


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