6 Useful Tips to buy Handicraft Online

Over the past decade, shopping has truly gone digital. From flight tickets to electronics, groceries, furniture and jewellery, we now buy everything online. But when it comes to purchasing high value art, some of us are not quite as comfortable with online shopping. Despite the obvious benefits to buying art online, such as access to a large collection and no geographical constraints, many hesitate to make a purchase without any physical interaction with the seller, or feel unsure about the authenticity of the artwork.

1. Clarify Your Intent

Typically, while buying art, you’re either looking to adorn your home, or considering it as an investment. It’s important to be clear about what is driving your purchase because it could significantly impact decisions regarding your budget, size and theme of the painting, reputation of the artist, and the online gallery you make your purchase from. 

2. Know Your Space

Unless you are a collector who has more art than space to store it, chances are you want to display the artwork on a wall in your home. One of the biggest challenges of buying art online is visualizing the size of the artwork, despite reading the dimensions. If you have a space in mind where you want to display an artwork, use a measuring tape to see how big the area really is, how much breathing space you need on all sides, and how many inches will be taken up by the frame.

Another factor to keep in mind is the aesthetic of your home. While traditional art can blend well into a contemporary home, look out for glaring clashes between the artwork you’re considering and the colour palette, mood, or aesthetic of the room you plan to display the piece in.

3. Set a Budget

The boon and the bane of buying art online is having to choose from endless possibilities, much more than you would have at any physical gallery. And while being spoilt for choice is great, it can also be overwhelming. Having a budget in mind helps narrow down your options and saves you from falling in love with an artwork you cannot afford! If you’re a new art buyer, it is advisable not to overstretch your budget as you may regret it later.

4. Research the Universe

When one thinks of buying art, it is often only paintings. However, there are many options out there, such as prints, photography, installations, and various traditional art forms. Keep an open mind and understand different forms of art.

Similarly, a monotone wall with a collage of artworks or a black and white photography grid, could be an interesting option. It’s important to read and do some research to see which forms of wall art you are open to buying as it can help you navigate the choices available more easily.

5. Ask Questions

Buying an artwork is not like buying a mass manufactured electronic gadget. It is a one-of-a kind creation, and hence, you should feel completely comfortable asking the online gallery for information. A credible online art gallery will have a Customer Care team that is easily accessible and happy to advice you, either via phone or email.

Ensure that the pictures you see on their website match up to the actual artwork. You can ask the gallery to share videos, close-up shots, or ask them to render the artwork in an image of the actual space in your home, so that you can visualize how it will look in your space. Also check on the measures taken to ship the artwork with utmost care, so that it is not damaged in transit. 

6. Understand the Artist

A good work of art tells a story. It’s important to understand the artist’s journey – their background, inspirations, trajectory – before buying his/her work. Learning about the artist helps you form a deeper connection with the artwork. A work of art is something that will stay with you, and hence, it is important to buy the right piece.


source: Artisera

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