Channapatna - The Toyland of India

Aditi Gupta

Almost right in the middle of a smooth ride from Bengaluru to Mysore comes this small flourishing town, Channapatna.

Producing one of the most unique wooden artefacts, this place has toy making shops all over and that is why when you reach Channapatna, a big welcome board awaits for you which says, “ Welcome to the Land of Toys, Channapatna

Needless to say, these highly qualified artisans make all sort of toys and games using natural soft ivory wood (locals call it alar mara) and vegetable dyes making them a 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for kids of all ages! Moreover, the toys refrain from any sharp edges; I saw it with my own eyes and it was a treat how precisely they work. You can never get bored by just looking at them work like a PRO!

Because of it’s superior quality, they are gaining so much popularity worldwide. FACT - Channapatna toys also reside in the majestic White House, Washington DC as a part of souvenir taken by Michelle Obama during her visit to India!

According to historians, Channapatna city was said to have established by the great Tipu Sultan who was a lover of handicraft and maestro in international trade.
This city has earned appellation ‘Land of Toys’, a title completely justifying the glorious city. People are starting to ban factory-made Chinese Toys and learning more about the benefit of these wooden delights. The toys come in varied shapes, colors and sizes. Artisans keep innovating new styles or upgrading traditional ones. They operate 6 days a week, and if you visit them at any odd times they are still ready for a display show!

Channapatna toy makers show true passion and are the happiest while creating toys or games for all of us. Even during the Corona virus pandemic, some of them worked while wearing gloves and masks; hence strictly following the norms. 

These Small Scale Industries are still unknown to us. We urge to give them as much recognition as we can because art feeds each of their families and living.
Feel free to reach us at Abhivyakti to know more about Channapatna Toys and how you can contribute to it.

Thank You!